St. James Farm Forest Preserve Trail Improvements Project

The new looped trail will follow a tree-lined promenade to take in the preserve's scenery.


The Forest Preserve District of DuPage County’s Board of Commissioners approved the St. James Farm Master Plan in April 2010. With the main entrance and parking lot improvements completed in June 2013, the next phase of the plan calls for the addition of trails through the northern preserve area. Trail construction is to begin in late summer 2014, and work is to be completed by summer 2015.

A looped trail will connect to the Illinois Prairie Path and circle the preserve’s main and eastern farm areas. The limestone trail will follow an existing trail — which is located near the Butterfield Road underpass — and head north into the preserve towards a service drive. The trail will then travel west to Winfield Road where a spur will allow visitors to access the Winfield and Butterfield roads’ intersection. It will continue north past the preserve entrance and pond and then turn east to travel behind the dairy barn and onto the existing alfalfa fields. The trail then curves south and connects back to the Prairie Path where users can either enter the adjacent neighborhood or complete the loop.

Much of the planned trail follows historic trail alignments and tree-lined promenades to minimize habitat disturbance while creating a unique outdoor experience to take in St. James Farm’s scenery. The trail will also include signs to direct travel to the preserve’s features and access points. 

View the St. James Farm Forest Preserve Trail Improvements Project map.

The District’s Planning office prepared the construction plans for permits and approvals by DuPage County Stormwater Management, Building and Health Departments, and Department of Transportation, Illinois Department of Transportation and Winfield Township Road District. V3 Construction Group, Ltd. will begin construction this summer.


The District has budgeted $1.175 million for the St. James Farm Forest Preserve Trail Improvements Project. The project is partially funded by a $200,000 grant from the Federal Highway Administration for the Recreational Trails Program, which is administered by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Remaining funds will be provided by the District’s construction and development funds and bonds from the 2007 referendum.

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