Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve Trail Signage

In 2014 the District’s Planning department began a comprehensive assessment of trail and navigation signs with input from trail advocacy groups, peer agencies, trail users and other staff to establish a standard for DuPage forest preserves’ trails. The study examined wayfinding, trailhead, informational and interpretive signs. Based on input from these groups, navigation signs and trailside maps were identified as a high priority. Staff reviewed signs used by peer agencies and national standards to develop design standards for its trail navigation signs.

Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve is one of the largest preserves with a complex trail system and was consequently identified as one of the greatest priorities for navigation signs. A navigation sign plan was developed for the preserve using the newly adopted design standards.

The project will remove existing navigation sign posts and mile markers along the trails and replace them with 17 new navigation sign posts at trail intersections. The posts will not only identify trails at the intersections but also provide distances and directions to nearby destinations at the preserve. New mile marker posts will be installed at half-mile increments along the preserve’s main trail. Service drives will be identified with signs to distinguish them from the preserve trail system. Existing trailside maps will be updated to show new mile marker locations and highlight destinations shown on the navigation sign posts.

The project was released for bid in May 2015 and a contract was awarded in July. Construction will begin in August 2015 with completion in the fall. The project will cost $29,000, which will be funded by referendum bond funds. 
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