Law Enforcement

Forest Preserve District Police

For an emergency, call 911.

To report a suspicious activity or a public safety concern in a DuPage forest preserve, call the Forest Preserve District police at 630-933-7240.



The Forest Preserve District's sworn police officers not only enforce federal, state and county laws but also our General Use Regulation Ordinance (PDF). The department ensures the safety of life and property in the forest preserves and adheres to the highest principles of the law enforcement profession. Officers respond to calls for emergencies, safety and service, and patrol the preserves on foot and by bicycle, ATV and squad car.

Police officers attend a state-certified police academy and 12 weeks of specialized training in conservation and Forest Preserve District ordinances, rules and regulations. Other training areas include advanced investigation, evidence, firearms, juveniles, response options and instruction. In-service training also keeps staff knowledgeable about legal updates, law-enforcement authority and human rights. Civilian personnel handle administrative duties, accreditation, and evidence, property and records managment.


Play It Safe

DuPage forest preserves are safe places to play, relax and have fun. While visiting your favorite preserve, follow a few tips to additionally ensure your safety.

  • Visit with a friend.
  • Carry your phone.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Keep tabs on your location and the nearest trail intersection, parking lot or landmark.
  • Burglaries happen, even in DuPage forest preserves. Most auto break-ins occur when items like electronics or handbags are left in plain sight. Take valuables with you or lock them in your trunk or otherwise out of sight, preferably before you get to the preserve. And make sure to hit your locks before you hit the trails!


CALEA Certification

The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies was formed in 1979. CALEA established a body of standards designed to increase a law enforcement agency's capabilities to prevent and control crime, increase effectiveness and efficiency in its services, enhance cooperation and coordination with other law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, and increase citizen and employee confidence in the goals, objectives, policies, and practices of the agency. CALEA has developed an accreditation process that provides law enforcement agencies an opportunity to voluntarily demonstrate that they meet a set of professional standards and best police practices.

The Forest Preserve District's law enforcement department is the first Illinois preserve or park district agency to meet CALEA's law enforcement accreditation standards.


How to File a Complaint

To file a complaint against Forest Preserve District law enforcement operations, personnel or their conduct, call 630-933-7240 to speak to a command officer. You can also complete a complaint form in-person at our headquarters in Wheaton. Your complaint can remain anonymous. Read the complete citizen-complaint procedures (PDF) online.