Our Top 10 Facebook Posts of 2015

With your likes, comments and shares, you've let us know which posts are your favorites on our Forest Preserve District of DuPage County Facebook page throughout 2015. We've enjoyed sharing with you and getting to know you. Below is a list of our Top 10 Facebook posts based on your feedback. Enjoy!


10. Herrick Lake winter splendor 

10 Dave Sima Herrick Lake FB 

District Ranger Dave Sima snapped this beautiful landscape photo at Herrick Lake Forest Preserve on the morning of Dec. 2. Where's your favorite winter retreat in the DuPage forest preserves?  

9. Spring Brook Restoration Project 

9 Spring Brook FB 

The Forest Preserve District and several partner agencies have completed a portion of a large-scale restoration project along 2.3 miles of Spring Brook, a tributary of the West Branch DuPage River that runs in part through St. James Farm and Blackwell forest preserves. Restoration will connect the creek to the floodplain, allowing nutrient-rich floodwaters to flow into surrounding forest preserves and newly created wetlands. It will also allow the floodplain to store and filter stormwater.

Because most of Spring Brook's watershed is upstream of the restoration area, runoff, invasive species and other stressors can impact downstream improvements. Homeowners, schools and other land owners in the watershed are helping efforts by changing how they care for their properties and volunteering as members of a greater clean water initiative.

Residents can learn about simple landscaping and water-conservation techniques through The Conservation Foundation's Conservation@Home program.

Watch a video about the project.

The Spring Brook Watershed Enhancement is a joint initiative between the Forest Preserve District, DuPage County Stormwater Management, The Wetlands Initiative, The Conservation Foundation, the Wheaton Sanitary District, the Illinois Tollway Authority and Wills Burke Kelsey Associates Ltd.  

8. The hoots of great horned owls 

8 great horned owls FB 

You're more likely to hear the hoots of great horned owls this month, as mating pairs are searching for each other using "hooting" rituals. These rituals will increase in intensity as the mating season approaches. While males hoot year-round, females only hoot during mating season.

Even though the female great horned owl is larger than her mate, the male has a larger voice box and a deeper voice. Pairs often call together, with audible differences in pitch.  

7. Bald eagle sighting at Blackwell 

7 Blackwell bald eagle FB 

Look what District Ranger Dave Sima spotted at Blackwell Forest Preserve in Warrenville on Dec. 11! Sima was able to get photos of this American bald eagle at Spring Brook Marsh using his iPhone and binoculars. Amazing! 

6. What do you think about letting kids run wild in nature? 

6 let kids run wild FB 

We shared a story from about the importance of letting kids run free in nature. 

5. Thanks Chicago Tribune for the nice story on our new 100-mile Century Trail! 

5 Century Trail FB 

The Chicago Tribune ran a story about the opening of the District's new 100-mile Century Trail in July as part of its centennial celebration. The commemorative Century Trail travels through 33 forest preserves, including the District’s 10 most popular: Blackwell, McDowell Grove, Greene Valley, Waterfall Glen, Fullersburg Woods, York Woods, Mallard Lake, Pratt’s Wayne Woods, Danada and Herrick Lake.   

4. Why did the turtle try to cross the road? 

4 why did the turtle FB 

To get to the other side, of course! It's breeding season for turtles in DuPage County, after all, and that means motorists can do their part to watch for turtles on roadways and even help them along. Daily Herald reporter Robert Sanchez recently caught up with our District ecologist Dan Thompson to talk about hazards to breeding turtles, like the Blanding's, in DuPage County. Here's a link to the Daily Herald story. 

3. Bobcat physical exam 

3 bobcat physical FB 

A routine physical is anything but when your patient is a 30-pound wild bobcat. Story and photos about how Willowbrook Wildlife Center staff prepared themselves and the frisky feline for a recent medical exam.

2. How cute! 

2 baby owl dance FB 

We shared a post from Chicago Wilderness of a video of a baby owl dancing and singing along with stuffed Halloween owl. 

1. Willowbrook Wildlife Center treats injured American bald eagle 

1 injured eagle FB 

Staff at our Willowbrook Wildlife Center in Glen Ellyn treated an injured American bald eagle found alongside Interstate 55 and Cass Avenue by a state road crew in September. A check of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service tag on the bird revealed it was the same eagle that had been brought to Willowbrook in February 2014 after being shot in Oak Lawn. It was treated for a broken wing and later released at Pratt’s Wayne Woods in Wayne in April 2014. The bird later succumbed to a massive bacterial infection, which it had prior to being brought to Willowbrook. 

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