School and Group Programs

Field Trip and Tour

(Minimum 20 persons to qualify for group rates and get a free docent for the tour. Groups of less than 20 people must pay $25 to reserve a docent.)

Tour the grounds with a docent who explains the importance of the dam and the workings of the millrace and waterwheel. Inside, get a demonstration of the milling process and see how corn was ground by Native Americans and other early cultures. Discover how the cellar was used as part of the Underground Railroad and see the giant wooden gear system that operates the grindstone. See demonstrations of spinning and weaving and hear about life in Civil War days on the second and third floors.

Children $1.75 each
Adults $4.25 each (one teacher free per class)
Senior citizens $3.75 each
Capacity 75

Addresses Illinois State Education Goals Early Elementary 13.B.1e, 15.A.1b, 15.D.1a, 15.D.1b, 16.A.1a, 16.A.1b, 16.B.1a, 16.C.1a, 17.C.1a, 17C.1c, 18.C.1


Escape to Graue Mill

(Available at Graue Mill or off-site)

Find out what it was like to be an escaping slave on the Underground Railroad with this short skit about an imaginary journey through Illinois, DuPage County, Graue Mill and Chicago. Students play the roles of slaves and abolitionists using props like clothing and food. The entire class answers questions throughout the program.

Grades 3 – 5
Program time 30 – 40 minutes
Capacity 25 children
Cost $100 per group

Addresses Illinois State Education Goals Early Elementary 1.B1d, 2.B, 1c, 4.A.1b, 16.A.1a, 16.A.1c

Gimcracks and Gizmos - Exploring Museum Artifacts

(Available at Graue Mill or off-site)

This program teaches how to develop a "looking strategy" – viewing an object and understanding what the object says about itself, the person who created it and the society in which it was produced. Participants will view an object in its place in an exhibit and then have a chance to observe and handle it. They discuss and answer questions about the object’s construction, how it might have been used in the past and how it might be used today. Students are given an assignment to write a simple story about the object and then present their work to others.

Grades  3 – 7
Program time 45 – 60 minutes
Capacity 5 – 25 children
Cost $5 per child

Addresses Illinois State Education Goals: Early Elementary 3.A1, 3.B1a, 3.C1a, 4.A.1b, 4B.1a, 4/B1b, 5.C.1a


"Make 'n Take" a Corn-Husk Doll

(Available at Graue Mill or off-site)

Learn about the importance of the corn crop to Native Americans, how it was their main food and was eaten at every meal. Many Native Americans honored the Corn Grandmother during harvest time. Find out about other Native American harvest traditions and why corn-husk dolls have no faces. Make your own corn-husk doll to take home. All materials provided. Chaperones required.

Grades  3 – 5
Program time 60 minutes
Capacity 25
Cost $5 per child


Virtual Tour Through The Mill

For groups that cannot travel to the Mill. For more information, call 630-920-9720 ext. 12.

To register for any of these programs call 630-920-9720 ext. 12.

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