Spring 2019 Conservationist

News & Notes

Archery Range Permits Coming June 1


Starting June 1 anyone using the archery range at Blackwell will need to display a Forest Preserve District permit. Fees from the sale of the permits will help defray the cost of equipment repairs, new targets, and the general upkeep of the beginner, intermediate, and interactive ranges, whose popularity has increased tremendously over the past few years.

Permits will go on sale May 1 at dupageforest.org under “Registration & Permits” and through Visitor Services at 630-933-7248. Annual permits will be $30 for DuPage residents and $50 for nonresidents; daily permits will be $5 and $10, respectively. Additionally, permits purchased in 2019 will be good through 2020. Senior citizens, active U.S. military personnel and honorably discharged U.S. veterans will be entitled to one free annual permit per year.

Archers will need to indicate on their applications if they’ll be using recurve, compound or longbows; only individuals who qualify under the Americans with Disabilities Act and provide copies of their disability cards are allowed to use crossbows.

Work on Creek to Affect Camping at Blackwell


Since 2015 the Forest Preserve District has been removing underwater barriers and returning natural twists and turns along more than a mile of Spring Brook Creek. Fish and freshwater mussels are able to move farther upstream, and wildlife in general is benefiting from a revitalized aquatic habitat.

The project is now moving into Blackwell. As a result, family campsite availability will be limited in 2019, although there will be some openings on select Friday and Saturday nights. The youth-group campground will be closed through 2020. Daytime visitors may hear some noise, see dust or encounter closed trails, but the District hopes these temporary conditions will be offset by the outdoor experiences visitors will enjoy when the work ends.

For updates and family campground availability, call Visitor Services at 630-933-7248.


Visitor Services Extended Summer Hours

This summer, the Forest Preserve District’s Visitor Services office is making it easier to get answers to your questions about permits, reservations, programs, boat rentals and more!

The office, located at Forest Preserve District headquarters at 3S580 Naperville Road in Wheaton, will be open Saturdays June 1 – Aug. 24 (except July 6) 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. This will be in addition to the regular 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday – Friday hours. Stop by in person, or give the office a call at 630-933-7248.

Collections Corner


This June, Kline Creek Farm will be celebrating National Dairy Month by featuring several dairy-related pieces from its artifacts collection, including one of its “quirkier” items: the Babcock Butler Butter Fat Tester.

Many 1890s dairy farmers relied on the tester to measure the fat content of their milk. Their neighbors valued high-fat dairy, so farmers could make more money by selling “fatter” milk. A farmer would fill several small bottles with milk and a bit of sulfuric acid. The acid dissolved part of the milk but none of the fat, which floated to the top. The bottles then went into a tray inside the tester, and the farmer would use a hand crank to spin the tray for several minutes. This further separated the fat and forced it into the bottles’ narrow necks, which had graduated markings that revealed the milk’s fat content.

Check out “News & Notes” in future issues of The Conservationist for more “Collections Corner” features!

Many Thanks 


The Forest Preserve District thanks the donors who contributed to its efforts between Nov. 26 and Feb. 3. To learn how contributions of financial support can benefit the District, visit dupageforest.org/friends. To give to the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Friends of the Forest Preserve District, visit dupageforestgiving.org/donate.

Gifts of Note
College of DuPage – 90.9FM WDCB Public Radio $2,955 – Mayslake Peabody Estate
Michael and Diane Webb $2,000 – Mayslake Peabody Estate and Willowbrook Wildlife Center
Harold III and Mary Bamford $1,500 – Willowbrook Wildlife Center
Anonymous $1,200 – Willowbrook Wildlife Center
Richard James McCann Foundation $1,000 – Willowbrook Wildlife Center
Brian and Kathleen Beggerow $500 – Areas of greatest need
Phil and Amy Gelber $500 – Willowbrook Wildlife Center
John and Holly Hudak $500 – Willowbrook Wildlife Center Adopt an Animal to benefit the resident barred owl, bobcat and sandhill crane
Edmond Pereira $500 – Willowbrook Wildlife Center
Gary Dobson and Cynthia Rein $500 – Willowbrook Wildlife Center

Gifts of Note to the Friends of the Forest Preserve District
Estate of Lani K. Harrington $5,000 – Willowbrook Wildlife Center
Larry C. Larson $2,000 – Belleau Woods and West Chicago Prairie restoration, other natural-resource initiatives, Adopt a Blanding’s Turtle, ADA-accessible piers project, and Mayslake Hall staircase restoration
William II and Patricia Smith $1,710 – Law Enforcement search-and-rescue drone and Kline Creek Farm
Seth Becker and Helen Nam $1,545 – Willowbrook Wildlife Center
Anonymous $1,500 – Adopt a Blanding’s Turtle
Greenprint LLC $1,500 – St. James Farm
Anonymous $1,200 – Areas of greatest need
Tom and Ruth Cloonan $1,000 – Willowbrook Wildlife Center
Kenneth McAfee $1,000 – Willowbrook Wildlife Center
Carol McGee $1,000 – Willowbrook Wildlife Center
Dan and Cheryl Zinnen $800 – Belleau Woods and West Chicago Prairie restoration and Mayslake Hall staircase restoration
Diane Telander $675 – Willowbrook Wildlife Center
Scott and Peggy Hardek $600 – Areas of greatest need
Anonymous $500 – Adopt a Blanding’s Turtle
Daniel Grobe Sachs and Kathleen Sachs $500 – Willowbrook Wildlife Center
Craig J. Holderness $500 – Areas of greatest need
Kathy Isoda $500 – Law Enforcement search-and-rescue drone
Frank and Nancy Mores $500 – Willowbrook Wildlife Center
John and Marion Tableriou $500 – Areas of greatest need

If You Care, Leave Them There

hatchling-birds-news-notes-spring-conservationistIt’s baby animal season, and Willowbrook Wildlife Center is reminding residents that it’s normal for wild animals to leave their young alone for several hours at a time. Human intervention may be helpful, though, if an animal is injured or truly abandoned. If you have concerns about a wild animal, contact Willowbrook at 630-942-6200 or willowbrook@dupageforest.org for guidance. Calls are answered daily, and after-hours recordings provide general information.