Board Meeting Public Comment Form

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, The Forest Preserve District of DuPage County Board of Commissioners will be conducting virtual meetings via the Zoom platform until further notice.

Public comments are welcome and must be submitted by the end of business the day prior to the meeting by filling out the online form below. Each speaker will be given 3 minutes for their comments via telephone during the virtual meeting. Once speakers submit the online form, the confirmation page will contain the dial-in number for the meeting.

Be advised all telephone numbers and participant names may be visible to the public during public comment.


Public Comment Form

Authority to grant presentation privileges is vested in the Commission President. Respect for the duties of the Commission and for the democratic process will be adhered to in public comment. In order for the President to consider granting presentation privileges, one must read and abide by the following guidelines.

  • Public Comment forms must be legibly filled out prior to the meeting and turned in to the District Secretary.
  • Twelve (12) copies of written or graphic testimony must be provided to the District Secretary prior to the meeting's commencement and will be distributed to Commissioners solely by the Secretary.
  • All opportunities to speak are at the discretion of the Commission President and may be revoked or altered. All speakers shall address their comments to the President. Currently, the Commission President sets aside 30 minutes for public comment at Commission Meetings. The Commission President will establish the exact time for each speaker. No more than 3 minutes will be granted to any public comment speaker. No speaker may give their time to another speaker. Each citizen will be permitted to speak once.
  • Speakers should not make comments that are personally condescending; they should refrain from name calling and be courteous. Speakers should not make statements that are personally disrespectful to members of the Commission.
  • Media presentations (video, slide programs, large graphics, etc.) may be permitted with approval of Commission President but must be submitted to President's office at least 72 hours prior to meeting.
  • Written testimony may be incorporated into the record of the proceedings. Persons who have made their presentations, not wishing to speak or those not being granted time to do so, may present their written testimony to the District Secretary as directed by Commission President.  

*indicates required fields to collect information to be able to identify and communicate with pubic comment participants.