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Sometimes you just need a reason to take a deep breath, relax and smile. We think these these video clips will help you do just that.

We'll post more as we go, so check back often.


Scenic West Branch DuPage River at Warrenville Grove

Scenic Sunset at Springbrook Prairie

Scenic West DuPage Woods

Scenic Silver Lake at Blackwell Forest Preserve

Yellow-Rumped Warbler at Lincoln Marsh

Lucky Ducks!

Identify the Frog Calls

Spring Frog Calls in the Preserves

Ducks Swimming at Willowbrook

After a Spring Snowfall at Kline Creek Farm

Rapids at Warrenville Grove

Sandhill Crane at Willowbrook


Video Conferencing Backgrounds

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Springbrook Prairie (2)Springbrook Prairie




Waterfall GlenWaterfall Glen




Silver Lake at BlackwellSilver-Lake-Blackwell-2