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The Forest Preserve District invites civic groups, organizations and businesses to learn about the DuPage forest preserves, natural-resources management programs and services through its speakers bureau. Our programs are delivered by one of our nature experts — a naturalist, ranger, heritage interpreter or ecologist — and include time for questions and answers.

Programs are free for DuPage County residents, groups and businesses and $100 per program for nonresidents and groups and businesses in adjoining counties.  



Our Programs

Blanding’s Turtle: What We’re Doing to Help an Illinois Endangered Species
Discover the Forest Preserve District’s work to help the state-endangered Blanding’s turtle. Hear about how the restoration of habitat supports this species, and learn about our partnership with other agencies to help this turtle recover in the greater Chicago area. Then, find out about how you can help the Blanding’s turtle, too!

Endangered Insects of DuPage County
Our DuPage forest preserves are home to endangered and threatened insects, including the Baltimore checkerspot butterfly, rusty-Patched bumblebee and Hine’s emerald dragonfly. Hear about how the Forest Preserve District is working to restore insect populations in the preserves through monitoring efforts and propagation.

Establishing Our Forest Preserve Roots
Hear about how our nation’s early conservation movement spurred the creation of forest preserve districts and state parks in Illinois. Explore the philosophy and principles behind landscape architecture and park design in the early 1900s. Then discover some of the many structures and buildings later constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps for recreation that remain at DuPage forest preserves today.


Mussel Up: Aquatic-Species Recovery in DuPage
Discover how the Forest Preserve District is working to clean our waterways and improve water quality with native mussels, including some endangered species in Illinois. Hear about how our Urban Stream Research Center propagates mussels and works with partners to extend science-based research and habitat improvement. 

Native Plants for Our Local Landscapes
Dig into native plants best suited for your landscape. Discover the benefits of native plants at home, including reduced maintenance, water conservation and improved soil condition. Then, get tips for planting natives to attract pollinators, including butterflies, bees and hummingbirds, and support other wildlife.

Native Pollinators
Look beyond the monarch butterfly and bumblebee to discover many of the other pollinator species native to DuPage forest preserves. Hear about the role of pollinators and their habits, and discover some of the native plants that support these species.


Natural-Areas Restoration: What We Manage and Why We Do It
Discover how and why the Forest Preserve District manages habitat, plants and animals in DuPage forest preserves. Hear about our organization’s natural-resource management philosophy, ecology and aquatic habitats, and discover opportunities for volunteers to help out.


The Power of Water at The Preserve at Oak Meadows
Discover how a restoration project has transformed the flow of water, improved habitat for wildlife and reshaped the game of golf at The Preserve at Oak Meadows. Hear about stormwater-management principles and the re-meandering of a creek to address flooding issues for our neighbors and an improved course for golfers.


Prescribed Burns
Gain a greater understanding about the use of fire as a natural-resource management tool in DuPage forest preserves. Explore the benefits of prescribed burns to control unwanted invasive plants in prairies, woodlands and wetlands. And get a look at the equipment and gear used by our trained crews during prescribed burns.


Slowing the Spread of the Gypsy Moth
Learn about the invasive gypsy moth, its life cycle and the why this pest is so destructive. This presentation is perfect for everyone from the average home-owner to the insect-science enthusiast. 


Take 5 in DuPage Forest Preserves
Discover some of the many ways to realize the benefits of nature in your DuPage forest preserves. Learn about our 60 forest preserves, 145 miles of trails, amenities and programs that connect people to nature. Get the most out of your preserve visit for a healthier body, sharper mind and happier you!

The Forest Preserve District of DuPage County offers scores of nature-related programs and activities for grownups, kids, families and groups year-round. Click below to register for programs, reserve shelters and campsites or purchase permits, and we'll see you soon!

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