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Our Leadership Team

Photo of Karie Friling

Karie Friling, Executive Director


  • Oversees Forest Preserve District operations
  • Provides administrative support to the board of commissioners
  • Manages Freedom of Information Act–related requests and coordinates responses
  • Develops ways for individuals and businesses to support the District’s mission with tax-deductible donations
Photo of Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown, Director of Finance


Photo of Anamari Dorgan

Anamari Dorgan, Director of Community Engagement


  • Provides educational, cultural, and recreational programs
  • Oversees education centers and programs
  • Supports outreach to our neighboring communities
  • Oversees Visitor Services, which includes customer service, permit sales, and rentals
  • Oversees Community Relations and serves as media liaison
  • Manages website, print publications, and social media communications
  • Promotes conservation-, education-, and recreation-related programs

Scott Eisenmenger, Director of Public Safety & Services


  • Oversees Law Enforcement, Site Operations, Facilities Management, and Fleet Services
  • Directs initiatives promoting safety for employees and forest preserve visitors
  • Collaborates with external agencies to strengthen Forest Preserve District services
  • Manages facility and amenity rehabilitation projects
  • Ensures the Forest Preserve District fleet is maintained
  • Supports education and community engagement initiatives
Photo of Jeannine Kannegiesser

Jeannine Kannegiesser, Chief Partnership and Philanthropy Officer


  • Develops, enhances, and maintains the Forest Preserve District’s philanthropic relationships with external stakeholders, including DuPage County corporations and businesses, other governmental entities, residents, nonprofits, and the Friends of the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County
  • Serves as executive director of the Friends of the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County
  • Assists with grant coordination
  • Manages volunteer programs
Erik Neidy

Erik Neidy, Director of Natural Resources


  • Manages conservation programs for natural areas, plant and animal communities, and restoration programs
  • Surveys, restores, enhances, and maintains ecological conditions to sustain plant and animal biodiversity to protect and preserve these resources
  • Maintains trails, amenities, and special-use areas 
  • Oversees the Urban Stream Resource Center
Photo of David Pederson

David Pederson, Chief of Police


  • Oversees public safety
  • Provides a safe environment for forest preserve visitors, volunteers, and employees by patrolling on bike, foot, boat, ATV, and squad car with 24 sworn officers
  • Protects the Forest Preserve District’s natural resources, wildlife, and physical assets
  • Enforces state laws and District ordinances by issuing citations, conducting arrests, and using education when feasible
  • Engages the community via public events and educational-based interactions
Photo of Joe Potenza

Joe Potenza, Chief Information Officer


  • Oversees computer, network, and data-communications equipment and support
  • Oversees shared-services agreements
Photo of Ed Stevenson

Ed Stevenson, Executive Advisor and Director of Business Enterprise


  • Serves as an advisor to the executive director and board of commissioners
  • Advises the leadership team in developing departmental strategies
  • Participates in the negotiation of licenses, contract agreements, and intergovernmental agreements
  • Manages and staffs the Forest Preserve District’s three golf preserves — The Preserve at Oak Meadows, Maple Meadows, and Green Meadows — and their pro shops, maintenance facilities, and food-and-beverage services

Christina Watson, Chief Human Resources Officer


Photo of Dan Zinnen

Dan Zinnen, Director of Resource Management & Development


  • Directs Land Preservation and Planning departments
  • Manages the Forest Preserve District's former landfills

Land Preservation

  • Administers Forest Preserve District property-related agreements and databases for easements, licenses, leases and intergovernmental agreements
  • Manages and maintains records related to land acquisitions and conservation-easement programs
  • Monitors developments that may affect District property by administering the public-notice review program 


  • Develops master plans for forest preserves by using resource-based design principles
  • Implements and administers capital-improvement projects involving new structures, historic preservation, recreational facilities, trails and water-resource management