Drop gates will replace former cable gates.
Six trail-and-roadway intersections will feature lighted beacon warning systems.
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Districtwide Trail Amenities Project — Phase 2


Over the last 30 years, the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County has constructed forest preserve trails to provide recreational opportunities for county residents and promote healthy communities. With the development of a countywide regional-trail system, amenities found along DuPage forest preserve trails have provided users with enjoyable experiences and enhanced safety during travel. In recent years, the District has undertaken a three-part project to enhance existing trail amenities and develop other features. These projects have included the installation of bicycle racks, trail-side seating fixtures, drop-gates for vehicular access control, interpretive signs, regulatory signs and way-finding markers, and the development of trail-crossing improvements.


Phase 1 of the project included the installation of 48 bicycle-rack loops at 14 forest preserves. This phase was funded by a Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program grant, which was administered by DuPage County, and completed over the spring of 2010.

Phase 2 — which comprises improvements at 15 forest preserves — includes the replacement of 32 cable gates with new drop gates; the construction of 19 trail-side benches; the installation of six trash-and-recycling receptacles; and the installation of lighted beacon warning systems, which are powered by solar panels, at six trail-and-roadway intersections. This phase of the project will be completed over the summer of 2011.

Phase 3 will include the development and installation of a variety of signs, including, regulatory, informational, interpretive, wayfinding and mile markers, along forest preserve trails. Design will begin in late 2011, and construction is anticipated to be complete over the fall of 2013


The District estimates the three phases will cost $900,000, which will be funded by a combination of yearly appropriated capital development funds, grants and referendum bond funds.

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