Forest Preserve District Fleet Joins B20 Club of Illinois

The Forest Preserve District of DuPage County is now a part of the B20 Club of Illinois, an Illinois Green Fleet Partner. The Illinois Soybean Association sponsors the B20 Club in partnership with the American Lung Association in Illinois to recognize state-based fleets running on biodiesel blends of 20 percent or greater.

The District operates a variety of vehicles and power equipment on alternative fuels as part of its commitment to reduce its impact on the environment. A fleet of 125 road vehicles and 172 pieces of equipment use alternative fuels such as liquefied petroleum gas, compressed natural gas, ethanol, biodiesel and hybrid electric. In addition, the District’s alternative-fuel stations — the only two offering four alternative fuels in Illinois — are available for use by local municipalities and other agencies.

The District’s Fleet Management provided fuel-consumption data, and the Clean Air Department of Environmental Health and American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest calculated the fleet’s operation on alternative fuels and its environmental impact. “Biodiesel allows the Forest Preserve District to operate efficiently while reducing our carbon footprint,” says District Fleet Specialist Drew Bergenthal. “We have aligned ourselves with other B20 Club fleets that share our dedication to optimizing sustainability and protecting the environments in which we work.”

According to the American Lung Association in Illinois, the District’s fleet’s annual use of B20: 

  • Lowers particulate matter (PM) emissions by approximately 8 pounds;
  • Lowers hydrocarbon (HC) emissions by approximately 26 pounds;
  • Lowers carbon monoxide (CO) emissions by approximately 60 pounds;
  • Lowers carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by approximately 64,000 pounds.

These averages are based upon data provided by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency.

B20 Club CNG_3 

Source: Illinois Soybean Association

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