Master Plan

We're Planning For the Future

The Forest Preserve District invited DuPage County residents and forest preserve fans to help it determine which projects and initiatives to address over the next five years as part of a master plan. We sent surveys to randomly selected DuPage households, offered an online survey and hosted community meetings. We also accepted comments by email.

Our online survey closed mid-December 2017, and we heard from more than 6,500 individuals.

Our Planning department provided the Board of Commissioners a presentation about gathering input from the public (PDF) in February 2018.  

The department presented its Community Survey and Assessment Summary (PDF) in April 2018. This summary contains results from the surveys and community meetings, which were administered by a consultant. A complete summary of all input gathering activities is compiled in the Community Input Summary (PDF).

Planning provided the Master Plan Analysis (PDF) update in June 2018. This overview includes national trends, state and local priorities, and a peer agency comparison.

Staff is working toward presenting a master plan draft by the end of 2018.