The archery range at Blackwell has three separate ranges, each with posted regulations, bow racks, quivers and limestone shooting lines.


Each of the three ranges have bow racks, quivers and limestone shooting lines with overshot and clear zones.

We provide a limited number of targets for the three ranges and encourage archers to bring their own targets.

  • The beginner range is enclosed on three sides with safety netting and features standard targets up to 25 yards. It is open March – Nov. 15. 

  • The advanced range is marked in meters and features targets up to 90 meters. It is open year-round.

  • The interactive range is marked in yards and features targets up to 60 yards. It is open March – Nov. 15. 

Archery Permits

Starting June 1, 2019, you’ll need to have a permit to use the range. Permits will go on sale May 1, and senior citizens, active U.S. military personnel and honorably discharged U.S. military veterans will be entitled to one free annual permit per calendar year.

Annual permits are for the calendar year January – December. Annual permits purchased in 2019 are valid through 2020.

Archery Range Permits

DuPage resident

Daily permit



Daily permit

Archery Range Safety

For the safety of our archers and other forest preserve patrons, crossbows are not allowed at the archery range. Arrows with broad heads are also forbidden at the range.

Why can't I use a crossbow at the archery range?

Crossbow archery is a popular sport and enjoyed by many archers, but Forest Preserve District rangers do not monitor this archery range. The District prohibits the use of crossbows at its archery range in order to ensure a safe and fun experience for all of our forest preserve patrons. Some ranges that allow crossbow archery — although not owned by the Forest Preserve District — are located a few miles from Blackwell Forest Preserve.

Archers use this range at their own risk.

Why is another visitor able to use a crossbow but I cannot?

Permission to use a crossbow is available to an individual who submits a Disability Identification Card certifying that he or she is incapable of drawing any type of bow with a minimum draw weight of 40 pounds. If this applies to you, please submit your paperwork to to receive the required permission.

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