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Dairy Loan Box

 The dairy loan box connects students to DuPage County's dairy farm heritage. Activities include an introduction to dairy cows' life cycles and diets, dairy farm economics, and a working milking simulator.

Suggested Grades  K – 8
Weight (Two Boxes)  18 lbs. and 27 lbs.
Dimensions (Two Boxes) 26" L x 16" W x  14" H and 32" L x 16.5" W x 14" H

Standards Explored

ESS2.E Biogeology
ESS3.A Natural Resources
LS1.A Structure and Function
LS1.B Growth and development of organisms
LS1.C Organization for matter and energy flow in organisms
LS2.A Interdependent relationships in ecosystems
LS2.B Cycles of matter and energy transfer in ecosystems
LS2.D Social interactions and group behavior
LS3.B Variation of traits
LS4.B Natural selection
LS4.C Adaptation

Social Studies
SS.1/4.EC.1. Economic decision-making
SS.102/4/6-8.EC.2. Economic decision-making
SS.2/4.EC.4. Financial literacy
SS.K/2.H.1. Change, continuity, and context
SS.4.H.3. Historical sources and evidence

Contents Box 1

Udder simulator
 1 gal., ½ gal., 1 qt., 1 pt., and 1 c. cylindrical nested jars

Medium Bin (2)
Old Cow game (2 sets, 29 cards each)
Food jars (6)
Jar holder
Station/center bin (2 sheet)
What cows eat sheet (6)
Dairy cow research sheet
Fact sheet
Food sheet
Feed drop sheet
Water pump sheet
Extra worksheet folder

Small Bin (3)
Mature cows (2)
Calves (2)
Memory game Moms and Calves
Station/center bin 3 sheet
How cows grow sheet (6)
Life cycle sheet (6)
Life of a dairy cow sheet
Mature cow sheet
Prices sheet
YouTube videos sheet
YouTube Hanna sheet
Hanna answer sheet
Mystery sight words sheet
Extra worksheet folder

Medium Bin (4)
Udder simulator legs (8) and joints (4)
Teats (4) bin
Blue water catch dish
Crystal Springs jug (use only water)
Station/center bin 4 sheet
YouTube videos: milking sheet
Udder simulator directions sheet (2)
Milking sheet (6)
History sheet
Kline Creek Farm morning milking sheet
Venn diagram sheet
It’s Milking Time by Phyllis Alsdurf
Extra worksheet folder

Small Bin (6)
Farmer’s market bills and coins
Farmer’s schedule clocks (2)
Bag of transparent counter chips
Farmer’s liquid measurement: How much milk box
Rulers (2)
Starting a dairy farm sheet
Dairy cows sheet (3)
Dairy farm planning sheet
Kline Creek Farm barn sheet
Silo sheet
Types of cows sheets (3)
The farm layout sheet
The crop layout sheet
The farmer’s schedule sheet (2)
The farmer’s schedule worksheet 
Farmer’s market sheet
Farmer’s market sheet with money sheets
Extra worksheet folders (2)

Contents Box 2

Dairy Cows Binder
Clarabelle Making Milk and So Much More by Cris Peterson
KCF Pictures

Bin 1
Types of dairy cows

Bin 2
What cows eat

Bin 3
How cows grow

Bin 4

Bin 5
Dairy products

Bin 6
Starting a dairy farm

Small Bin (1)
Toilet paper cow craft
Memory game box
Station/center bin 1 sheet
Come visit sheet
Types of dairy cows sheet (6) 
Cows and bulls sheet (6)
Cow breed sheets (6)
Cow toilet paper roll craft sheet
Extra worksheet folder

Small Bin (5)
Milk to Ice Cream by Lisa M. Herrington
Station/center bin 5 sheet
Dairy products sheet (6) 
Kline Creek Farm windmill sheet
Kline Creek Farm milk house sheet
YouTube: milk products sheet
Science: liquid to solid sheet
How is ice cream made? sheet
What will happen when ... sheet
Spare sheet folder

Small Bin (5+)
Ball Jars (6)

Dairy Farm Set
23 Pieces