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IDNR Illinois' State Symbols Loan Box

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources Illinois' State Symbols Loan Box contains a guide about state facts, replicas and activity books. 

Suggested Grades  Kindergarten– 8
IDNR Resource Trunk S53
Weight  16 lbs.
Dimensions 26" L x 16" W x 14" H

Standards Explored

SS.IS.4.K-2 Inquiry Skill
SS.IS.5.3-5 Inquiry Skill
SS.G.2.2 Geography


Binder-General Information

Big bluestem photograph
Bluegill photograph
Contents checklist
Contents checklist key
"Corn Poppin’ Facts" information sheet
Drummer silty clay loam photograph
Eastern tiger salamander photograph
Fluorite photograph
GoldRush apple photograph
IDNR Division of Education promo sheet
IDNR lending trunks promo sheets
Illinois – Illinois state song lyrics
"Illinois Facts" information sheets
"Illinois Saint Andrew Society Tartan" information sheet
Illinois Saint Andrew Society Tartan photograph
"Illinois State Flag" information sheet
Illinois State Flag photograph
"Illinois State Motto, Slogan, Nickname"  information sheet
Illinois’ State Symbols activity book
Monarch butterfly photograph
Northern cardinal (female) photograph
Northern cardinal (male) photograph
"Online Resources" page
Painted turtle photograph
Popcorn photograph
"Pumpkin Pie" information sheet
Pumpkin pie photograph
"Seal of the State of Illinois" information sheet
"Square Dance" information sheet
Square dancing photograph
"Símbolos Estatales de Illinois" activity book promo page
"Sweet Corn" information sheet
Sweet corn photograph
"Symbols of Illinois" postcard
The Great Seal of Illinois photograph
Tully monster photograph
Violet photograph
White oak photograph
White-tailed deer (fawn) photograph
White-tailed deer (female) photograph
White-tailed deer (male) photograph

Small Container

Bluegill replica
Cardinal plush bird
Claude’s Got the Scoop on Soil! CD-ROM
"Drummer: Illinois State Soil" bookmark
Ear of popcorn
Fluorite sample
Land Use Planning: It All Comes Down To Soil pamphlet
Monarch butterfly replica
Square Dance Music & Calls CD
Square Dance Reference Mainstream DVD
State soil sample
White oak leaf replica
White oak lumber sample
White-tailed deer pelt piece

Large Container

A Monarch Butterfly’s Life book
Illinois Ag Mag – Apple magazine
"Metamorphosis of a Butterfly" puzzle
"Monarch Life Cycle" poster

*Note: All activity books and worksheets should be copied before use or downloaded at