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Danada Equestrian Center - Danada House Assessment

Daniel and Ada Rice built Danada House in 1939, and the Forest Preserve District acquired it, along with the surrounding property, in 1980. Several renovations and modifications have been made to the facility over the years, including the addition of the atrium in 2003 and the gardens in 2009.

Now, many components of the house and atrium are in need of extensive repairs, including areas of the exterior, mechanical systems and interior finishes.


Status: In Progress

Construction started in April 2024. The Danada House & Atrium will be closed to visitors until construction is complete by winter of 2024.


The project is currently out to bid and anticipated to award construction contracts in December of 2023.


The District recently hired an architectural consultant to do a facility assessment to  identify and quantify the repairs needed. The District intends to complete the assessment by the end of summer 2022 and then create construction documents, bid and complete the repairs by the end of 2024.


This is a building renewal project that will be funded through the building renewal fund.

danda house atrium
danada house