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Districtwide - Clean Energy, Resiliency & Sustainability Plan

The District’s 2019 master plan calls for a Green Energy Study to identify opportunities for increasing energy efficiencies and reducing the agency’s carbon footprint and increase the use of solar and other renewable or sustainable energy sources.

In support of this Master Plan initiative, the District is taking a comprehensive look at opportunities related to energy, environmental resilience, and operational sustainability. To do this, the District contracted with consultants to complete the following:

  • Assess the feasibility of options for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and alternative fuel vehicles
  • Assess the ecosystem services the District currently provides
  • Explore Green Infrastructure opportunities around the issues of stormwater management, water quality and nature-based designs
  • Analyze the District’s current waste streams
  • Assess current transportation-related emissions
  • Explore options for carbon sequestration
  • Identify opportunities for improvements related to landfill gas and sanitary waste


Status: In Progress

The District’s consultants are currently analyzing the District’s energy consumption patterns and waste streams and calculating the ecosystem services provided by the District’s land holdings. A gaps, needs, and opportunities report will be complete in winter 2022-2023. After that, the District expects to move into the next phase, where recommendations for programs, policies, and capital improvement projects will be developed and implementation partnerships will be identified.

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