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Fullersburg Woods - York Road Pedestrian Bridge

The wooden pedestrian bridge below York Road has several deficiencies that require extensive reconstruction.

Project Need

For visitors who park on York Road, the pedestrian bridge that runs under the road along Salt Creek is the primary way to reach Graue Mill, Graue House and the forest preserve trail system. However, the high-maintenance structure is frequently filled with fast-moving flood waters and littered with trees, limbs and other debris, including debris that constricts the flow of Salt Creek. The bridge is closed several times a year because of flooding, requiring visitors to cross at the traffic light until the water subsides and repairs are completed.

Because of insufficient sunlight and poor air circulation, the high-moisture environment cannot dry sufficiently between floods, and its fasteners, joist hangers, lumber and finishes are not designed for this level of saturation. Several of the concrete pilings that secure the support posts in Salt Creek are spalling and deteriorating and require repair.

The project will first need to explore different solutions, such as removing the wooden bridge and improving the pedestrian traffic signal at York and Spring roads, repairing the bridge using higher-quality materials, or constructing a new bridge that would require less maintenance. Costs would vary based on the chosen option. 


The project is in progress.

FBW York Road