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Maple Meadows - Golf Preserve Master Plan

A new master plan for Maple Meadows Golf Preserve is underway in support of guidance in the District’s 2019 Master Plan that calls for updates to all preserve master plans. Once complete, the Maple Meadows Golf Preserve Master Plan will serve as an important tool to guide the course’s development in the future.


Background & Summary of Work

Maple Meadows Golf Preserve was acquired over a series of years beginning in 1987 for recreation and open space conservation. In 1995, the course was rebuilt to incorporate a large parcel of land at its southeast corner. Additionally, the clubhouse was built in 1998 to serve the recreational amenity.

Today, the existing golf infrastructure is nearly 30 years old, and components like cart paths, tees, bunkers, irrigation, and subsurface drainage are in need of renovation. Additionally, current golf trends and the desire to better align the golf amenity with the District’s conservation goals have created a need for a new vision for the property.

To that end, the District recently engaged golf course architect Greg Martin to lead the master planning process to analyze the property’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, gather input from stakeholders and develop a new master plan for Maple Meadows Golf Preserve.



The master planning process will involve engaging customers and other stakeholders to gather feedback about the existing course conditions and amenities as well as input about potential improvements. The first step in the engagement process gathered feedback from a survey in early 2022.

After the survey results are analyzed with other identified strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, further stakeholder engagement will be undertaken to gather feedback about plan concepts in order to produce a final master plan.


The final plan is expected to be complete by the end of 2023.

Maple Meadows Golf Course