Blackwell and Warrenville Grove: Illinois to Treat for Gypsy Moth Beginning June 24

The Illinois Department of Agriculture will be conducting additional aerial treatments for gypsy moth suppression starting June 24, with an alternate weather date of June 25. An invasive species, the gypsy moth can defoliate entire trees in its caterpillar stage in the spring. Continuous attacks can fatally weaken trees by leaving them vulnerable to other insects or diseases, ultimately killing the tree.

The state agency will be treating trees with a pheromone mating disruptor that hinders the normal communication between male and female gypsy moths, which reduces mating events and diminishes the population. The product only affects male gypsy moths and is not harmful to humans, pets or other wildlife. More information on the pheromone can be found at As with any pesticide treatment, individuals who have chemical sensitivities should consult their doctor and take additional precautions as necessary.

Treatments will started at 5 a.m. and continue throughout the day. Preserves are not scheduled to be closed during the treatments. Signage will be posted to warn preserve users of low-flying airplanes in the area. Planes are expected to be from Valparaiso University so there is no landing zone in DuPage County for this treatment.

The preserves that will be treated are listed below (map). The Bio Blitz is not expected to be effected by this treatment. 


Warrenville Grove 

If you would like to follow the treatments as they are happening, please visit the Illinois Department of Agriculture Facebook page. Additional comments or questions can be directed to Nancy Johnson at the Illinois Department of Agriculture 309-738-7480. 

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