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How to Keep Pets Safe from Coyotes

on 1/15/19 2:03 PM By | Dan Thompson | 0 Comments | Insider Wildlife Nature Coyote
It’s always heartbreaking to hear about encounters between pet dogs and coyotes. We want to remind folks of some simple ways to keep their pets safe from the native wildlife that also call DuPage home. 
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Mistaken Identity

Spring at a wildlife rehabilitation center means daily arrivals of baby animals. At Willowbrook Wildlife Center, our patient load skyrockets in the spring and summer months. Typically it is the baby bunnies, squirrels, ducklings, robin nestlings and raccoons that people are finding, but occasionally we will be surprised with a less common orphan.
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Early Spring Plant Arrivals

on 2/7/18 10:57 AM By | Forest Preserve District of DuPage County | 0 Comments | Insider Wildlife Coyote
In romantic news: A study of urban coyotes in Chicago shows that coyotes are loyal to their mates for life and never stray. 
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