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Waterfall Glen - Habitat Improvement

The 72 acres surrounding the youth campground at Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve is a small piece of the larger, 773-acre Bluff Savanna ecosystem, which contains 422 native plant species, including one state threatened and 36 of special concern. This project involves crews removing aggressive plants which keep sun and water from reaching the grasses, wildflowers, and oak and hickory seedlings that grow here.

Crews will cut and remove invasive trees and shrubs and carefully apply herbicides to the cut stumps so these aggressive plants can’t grow back. They may also create and burn brush piles on site. Both the mature hickories and majestic oaks that grow among them will remain untouched, while promoting more germination of seedlings and wildflowers. This work supports goals within the board-certified master plan and furthers the Forest Preserve District’s mission to preserve the flora, fauna and scenic beauty of DuPage natural areas.



As of March 2024, crews have removed brush from the 72-acre project site. During spring and summer 2024, crews will disperse native seed and control invasive species that sprout. A brush clearing crew will return during the winter of 2024-25 to remove a limited number of small trees to allow more sunlight to reach the forest floor. 


The majority of funds for this $273,000 project were generated from easement fees collected from Commonwealth Edison. Additional funds from the Forest Preserve District’s yearly appropriated construction and development funds will be utilized.

Waterfall Glen Habitat Improvement Project Aerial Map