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York Woods - South Picnic Shelter Repairs


As of March 2024, construction is complete, and the shelter is available for reservation.


Project Background

This shelter was constructed in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps and was in the central part of York Woods Forest Preserve until 1981, when it was relocated to the west side of the south parking lot. It is the only high-capacity amenity at York Woods, a forest preserve that offers great experiences on the east side of DuPage County.

This project will correct several structural deficiencies by replacing the log post and lateral post construction points as well as the roof. Due to the high cultural value of this shelter, emphasis on emulating the existing structure will be incorporated in the reconstruction plan. The shelter will be closed during construction.



The work will be funded through the District’s yearly appropriated building renewal funds. The total amount budgeted for this project is approximately $370,000.

Funding includes all costs associated with the assessment, design, permitting, and re-construction of the shelter. 

York woods shelter repairs image
York woods shelter map