Blackwell Forest Preserve Off-Leash Dog Area Tree Removal

Over the 2014-15 winter, District forestry crews removed more than 30 ash trees infected by the emerald ash borer from the Blackwell Forest Preserve Off-Leash Dog Area south of Mack Road. Additional infected trees will be removed in the tall grass area away from the trails in summer 2015. The District plans to replace some of the trees with other species in fall 2015 or in 2016.

Arborists discovered the emerald ash borer in DuPage County in 2007. As a result, the Forest Preserve District has banned the use of outside firewood in the county’s forest preserves.

Steps that residents can take to help combat the emerald ash borer on private property:
• Never move firewood. It’s one of the prime ways “hitchhiking” emerald ash borers spread to new locations.
• If you think you’ve spotted an emerald ash borer on private property, speak with your municipality’s arborist, who can help with identification and will know the status of the emerald ash borer in your area.
• Consider cost before using an insecticide on an infested tree.
• Insecticides should always be applied by a licensed tree-care specialist.
• Timing is critical. Insecticides move through trees at different rates at different times of the year and move even more slowly in trees over 6 inches in diameter.
• Large trees usually need to be treated for at least two seasons.
• In many cases, time and money are better spent on removing the tree and planting a new non-ash species.

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