Transparency Portal

Transparency Portal

The Forest Preserve District of DuPage County is committed to open government. This portal is a centralized source for our most frequently requested information, including the board's actions, budgets and financial allocation, and contacts. We will work continually to improve this information area to ensure DuPage County's residents remain confident about the stewardship of their tax dollars.


Annual Budgets and Financial Reports

Annual budgets and comprehensive financial reports are available to view and download.  


Board of Commissioners

Learn more about the seven elected officials who serve on the board.


District Contracts

The Forest Preserve District purchases required goods and services in conformance with Illinois state law, the DuPage County Purchasing Ordinance, and related organizational Board of Commissioners resolutions and administrative policies. See the District Contracts page


District Funding

See how property taxes, the sale of bonds, grants, user fees and other forms of revenue support our organizational mission and vision. 


District Lobbyists

Like many governmental units its size, the Forest Preserve District hires lobbyists to learn about and champion for issues particular to its needs in Springfield. 


District Departments

Discover our departments who carry out the Forest Preserve District’s operations, maintain the forest preserves and provide services.

Employment Contracts and Agreements

Forest Preserve District employee contract documents, including agreements with the Metropolitan Alliance of Police (MAP), are available to view.

Forest Preserve District DuPage County and Metropolitan Alliance of Police Contract for Police 2016 – 2018 (PDF)

Forest Preserve District DuPage County and Metropolitan Alliance of Police Contract for Rangers and Senior Rangers 2017 – 2020 (PDF)


Freedom of Information Act (5 ILCS 140)

File a request for documents through the FOIA Center. 


Meetings and Documents

See the Forest Preserve District's meeting notices, agenda packets and minutes, available at Board Meetings. 


Open Checkbook

Search and view payments by vendor, agency or date with the Open Checkbook module (link).  


Open Payroll

View the District's annual employee payroll data and expenditures.

2020 Compensation (PDF)