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The Forest Preserve District of DuPage County is 100 this year, and we're celebrating with a once-in-a-century event! Get your daily dose of nature as you search for medallions for running shoes, biking and fly-fishing packages — and even $2,500!

  1. We've hidden six medallions in DuPage County's forest preserves (but not in any areas marked in red on this map.)
  2. Each medallion is no more than 40 feet from any paved or mowed area or from a crushed-gravel trail.
  3. There will be a new clue in the paper and online every day through June 17 or until there's a winner.
  4. Each day's grand prize clue is available exclusively through the Daily Herald either online or in the print edition.
  5. There will also be photo clues for five additional prize package medallion on June 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16.
  6. See complete rules and regulations

Today's Clue

The $2,500 medallion has been found, but if you want to test your deductive skills to see if you can figure out where it was hidden, here's today's clue

June 17 Clue

June 17 $2,500 Medallion Clue
South of the wave breaks just off the trail
we lead you to the spot.
Make sure you have a tree book, though,
to give you the best shot.

It’s there among the willows and birch,
among the maples, too,
a symbol of the past and present —
and future. Your final clue!

We held this search to mark our past,
and now the search is done.
Now join our quest for nature through
the century that’s to come!

June 16 $2,500 Medallion Clue
Phragmites grew here, the weedy beast,
it really had to go.
By knocking back invasive plants,
we help our natives grow.

Do walk along the boardwalk where
you’ll see birds taking flight,
but know that it won’t take you to
the medallion’s secret site.

June 16 Running Medallion Clue
June 16_Running Found

Michael Mast Running Medallion

Michael Mast found the second running medallion at Churchill Woods Forest Preserve. Congratulations! 

June 15 $2,500 Medallion Clue
We know that you have set your sights
to give this your best try.
And like the hill that’s standing tall,
you’ve set them nice and high.

We know that you are getting close,
so rules we must repeat.
If you stray from any trail,
stray under 40 feet.

No need to touch the rocks or logs,
get wet or climb or perch.
Mind people, creatures and all plants.
Be friendly as you search.

June 14 $2,500 Medallion Clue
Those miners in the 1950s
found gravel and some peat.
Today, with muskie, perch and pike,
this lake is hard to beat.

June 14 Fishing Medallion Clue
June 14_Fishing Found

Fishing Medallion_Found 

Sarah Stout and Jack Yoosabai found the fly-fishing medallion at Wood Dale Grove Forest Preserve. Congratulations!

June 13 $2,500 Medallion Clue

Yes Gilligan would be so right at home
shipwrecked at this site.
With coots and red-heads, skippers, too,
the Minnow would be all right.

We’ve one more thing for you to read.
(Today’s clues aren’t quite over.)
For when you walk along the trail,
make sure to think of clover.

June 12 Biking Medallion Clue
June 12 Biking Found

Mike Swaney Found

Mike Swaney found the second bicycle medallion at Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve. Congratulations!

June 11 $2,500 Medallion Clue

The lake is 3-plus fathoms deep.
It’s not like all the others.
Some popular fish do swim about,
if fishing is your druthers.

The $2,500 medallion has been found!


Peter Geldes found the $2,500 medallion at Mallard Lake Forest Preserve. Congratulations!

June 10 $2,500 Medallion Clue
With more than 500 acres of prime open space,
an oasis protected, not stressed,
it’s not a surprise that in spring and fall
birds migrating use it to rest.

June 10 Running Medallion Clue
June 10 Running_Found 

Running_Found 1 

Brianna Pecora found the first running medallion at McDowell Grove Forest Preserve. Congratulations! 

June 9 $2,500 Medallion Clue
Now check the maps for each preserve,
and note what we do tell.
This site has wetlands, woods and fields
and bridges there as well.

At this preserve a river winds
from west on toward the east.
It gives a place for beavers, frogs
and herons, too, to feast.

June 8 $2,500 Medallion Clue
The District’s goal is to protect,
preserve and to restore
great habitats for creatures, plants
and places to explore.

You’ll need the map to crack the clues
and start off on your quest.
Don’t look in “no medallion” spots.
Those places are not best.

June 8 Biking Medallion Clue

Bike Medallion Becker

Francesca Becker found the first bicycle medallion at York Woods Forest Preserve
. Congratulations!

June 7 $2,500 Medallion Clue
To celebrate 100 years
of forest preserves in DuPage, we
have a fun medallion search that
puts them center stage.

We've hidden six for you to find,
each in its own preserve.
It's up to you to read the clues and
go, explore, observe!

There'll be a hint or two each day for
you to read and ponder.
Each clue will bring you closer to the
thing for which you wander.

A map will show you where to look
and where you're out of place.
(Some plants and things with legs and eyes can
use some extra space.)

The task that we will put to you
should spur you to explore — 
and when the search is at an end
to get out even more!

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