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Oldfield Oaks


The main entrance is on the south side of Oldfield Road 0.25 mile east of Lemont Road.

The off-leash dog area is on the east side of Cheese Road just south of the Lemont Road and Cheese Road intersection.


The preserve is open one hour after sunrise to one hour after sunset.

General Info

Dogs are allowed at the forest preserve but must be on leashes under 10 feet long. Alcohol is prohibited. Read our complete rules and regulations.


Things To Do

Natural Features

The 109-acre Oldfield Oaks Forest Preserve in Darien features 2 miles of trails through mature oak woodland, natural wetland and restored prairie. It’s a beautiful spot to enjoy spring wildflowers such as trout lilies, jack-in-the-pulpits, spring beauties, trillium and May apples, but it also puts on a spectacular show of color in the fall.

Oldfield Oaks is an excellent example of an intact, mature oak woodland, a natural wetland, and a restored prairie. With this diverse mix of ecosystems, the preserve is home to a variety of wildlife, from foxes to great horned owls to western chorus frogs. Wildlife conservation efforts such as amphibian monitoring and bird counts take place at the preserve.

The Forest Preserve District has removed weedy invasive brush from several areas of the preserve to allow light to reach the woodland floor. As a result, wildflowers and other native vegetation are once again thriving at Oldfield Oaks.


The Forest Preserve District acquired Oldfield Oaks through a series of purchases between 1998 and 2014.

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