Someone to Know: Mayslake Photo Instructor Chris Aquino

Chris Aquino is a full-time English and cinema studies teacher at Wheaton Warrenville South High School and has taught photography classes at the Morton Arboretum and made presentations to local camera clubs for the past 12 years. He led workshops with Hark Erdmann and Will Clay and his most recent credits include the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Brown Trout Calendars, Zebra Publishing, The Mississippi Bureau of Agriculture, Finney Consulting, Illinois and Nebraska chapters of the Nature Conservancy, and the Illinois Solar Tour Guidebook. His work has also been exhibited at Edward Hospital and in "Nature Photographer" magazine. He helped co-write a chapter in Will Clay’s e-book, "Opus One," focusing on the elements of repetition and rhythm in an image. 

"As a nature photographer, I believe the greatest challenge is not just to take a great picture of the natural world, but to take pictures that communicate something much more," Aquino said. "This can range from a conceptual shot to something more editorial. What these two extremes have in common is that they must grasp a person's attention. While I am always looking at the quality of light on the subject, just as equally important to me is composition -- the interplay of lines, shapes, and textures. Underneath the color and the light, it is the arrangement of these elements in the frame that shows us where to look." 

Check out this video where Chris provides tips on lighting in photography.

At our Mayslake Peabody Estate, we offer photography classes for all levels from beginner to advanced. Topics range from basic camera operation and composition to software that can help you organize and enhance your photos. We frequently add new classes to our schedule, so please check every once in a while to see what's coming up. 

Here's some of Chris' work:

Bee on coneflower Chris Aquino 

Reed Spring Mill Chris Aquino 

Autumn maple Chris Aquino 405x555 

Chicory and flower fly Chris Aquino 425x325 

Galena barn Chris Aquino 505x335 

Wild bergamot Chris Aquino 405x575 

Rowboat Chris Aquino 505x350 

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