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Wayne Zaininger

Wayne Zaininger is manager of Equine Experiences and Facilities at St. James Farm and the Danada Equestrian Center. Prior to joining the DuPage Forest Preserve District in 2007, he worked at St. James Farm since 1981. He is a naturalist at heart. Since Starting his career as a greenhouse operator, he has built several prairies at St. James Farm and one at his own small farm where he enjoys time with his four horses. With 40 years of service at St. James Farm, the preserve holds a special place in his heart and he enjoys sharing its rich history with visitors.

Recent Posts

Hidden History of the East Farm Barn

on 8/1/22 9:05 AM By | Wayne Zaininger | 0 Comments | Insider Locations horse History
Looking at the east side of St. James Farm today, visitors might not fully appreciate the transformation it has gone through over the years. Let’s turn back the clock to the early 1900s, when this locale was a private family farm, to get a better view of its past.
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Hidden History of the Steeplechase

on 10/6/21 1:49 PM By | Wayne Zaininger | 0 Comments | Insider Locations History
What happens when you combine a love of horses with a passion for philanthropy? At St. James Farm Forest Preserve in Warrenville in the 1980s and 1990s, it resulted in an annual steeplechase event that drew thousands to the farm, dominated the work schedules of farm employees, and made a meaningful impact on a local charity.
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