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Dave Andrusyk

Photo of blog author Dave Andrusyk

Dave Andrusyk is the Fullersburg Woods campus coordinator at the Forest Preserve District and has worked for the District since 1998. He spent five years working in Natural Resource Management, doing restoration work in the preserves. Dave later taught school, scout and general public programs in the District’s forest preserves. His knowledge of native gardening stems from years of field experience with the Forest Preserve District and working on native plots at his home.

March 25, 2022

Hidden History of Mammoth Spring Icehouse

Dave Andrusyk

If you look closely while walking along the Night Heron Trail at Fullersburg Woods Forest Preserve in Oak Brook, you can find a little piece of history.

January 12, 2022

Hidden History of the Blackwell Mammoth

Dave Andrusyk

It started like a normal day for Gary Jones, a heavy equipment operator for the DuPage Forest Preserve District.

October 26, 2021

Hidden History of Waterfall Glen's Lincoln Park Nursery

Dave Andrusyk

Many people visiting the city of Chicago spend time in Lincoln Park, but few know the connection that DuPage Forest Preserve District’s Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve in Darien...

June 2, 2021

Hidden History of Glacial Ridge

Dave Andrusyk

Churchill Woods Forest Preserve in Glen Ellyn is one of the DuPage Forest Preserve District’s most popular forest preserves.

March 10, 2021

Soak in the Solar

Dave Andrusyk

As we celebrate International Solar Appreciation Day on Thursday, March 10, let’s look at the many ways we benefit from the sun and how we can harness its energy to help create...

November 17, 2020

Six Hiking Essentials

Dave Andrusyk

Whether you’re new to hiking or a regular walker on DuPage forest preserve’s 166 miles of trails, there are at least 6 essentials you should bring with you every time you head out...

October 15, 2020

Fall Color Finds

Dave Andrusyk

When the sweaters come out and the kids are back at school, you know it’s time for another sure sign of the season: fall colors. You also know that you need go no farther than...

September 2, 2020

Walking in the Rain

Dave Andrusyk

Have you ever planned a hiking trip at a DuPage forest preserve, only to find out that the sunny nice day you were planning has turned into a grey, rainy day?

August 26, 2020

Keep Away! Hogweed, Hemlock and Parsnip

Dave Andrusyk

Many plants have amazing adaptations that protect them from being eaten or destroyed by other organisms. That’s good for them but can be bad for people who come in contact with...

August 18, 2020

Five Ways to Relax in DuPage Forest Preserves

Dave Andrusyk

With everything that’s happening in the world, it helps to find ways to take time for ourselves and relax. And it’s good for you!

June 15, 2020

Celebrate the Summer Solstice

Dave Andrusyk

If you want to make the most of your time in DuPage forest preserves, mark your calendar for Tuesday, June 21, 2022.

November 20, 2019


Dave Andrusyk

Autumn is a time to enjoy the crispness of the weather and the colors of the trees. The yellow, red and orange colors of the oaks, maples and hickories paint a beautiful...

April 2, 2019

Contain Your Love of Gardening

Dave Andrusyk

I know many folks who are interested in growing native plants but feel they can’t because they don’t have a yard or room in their yard to grow them. 

April 3, 2018

Sun, Part Sun or Shade?

Dave Andrusyk

It’s a perennial question that comes up every planting season: Does it really matter if you plant a full-sun plant in the shade or a shade plant in a sunny spot? Well, it does if...

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