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April 4, 2024

Preparing New Plants for the Cicada Summer

Forest Preserve District of DuPage County

With all the buzz about the periodical cicada emergence this summer, many are wondering if they need to protect their plants at home.

April 15, 2022

Dying Easter Eggs in the 1890s

Wayne Hill

Natural dyes were used in a variety of ways in a colorful Victorian life in the 1890s.

April 1, 2022

Perk Up Your Parkway with Native Plants

Keriann Dubina

Planting native plants in your parkway is a great way to help people appreciate native plants by growing them in your parkway for all to enjoy. And it helps pollinators too!

October 26, 2021

Hidden History of Waterfall Glen's Lincoln Park Nursery

Dave Andrusyk

Many people visiting the city of Chicago spend time in Lincoln Park, but few know the connection that DuPage Forest Preserve District’s Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve in Darien...

September 27, 2021

Celebrate OAKtober!

Forest Preserve District of DuPage County

OAKtober is Illinois’ monthlong celebration of oak trees and the things that make them great. We love oaks here at the DuPage Forest Preserve District, so we’re thrilled to be a...

August 30, 2021

Why Art Matters to Saving Monarch Butterflies

Lonnie Morris

DuPage Monarch Project is a collaboration of four local environmental organizations, each contributing essential resources of science, education, community organizing and public...

June 2, 2021

Hidden History of Glacial Ridge

Dave Andrusyk

Churchill Woods Forest Preserve in Glen Ellyn is one of the DuPage Forest Preserve District’s most popular forest preserves.

May 20, 2021

Managing Harmful Algae Blooms

Dan Grigas

Harmful blue-green algae blooms have become an all-too-common occurrence on some forest preserve lakes lately. 

May 10, 2021

More Love for Monarch Butterflies

Forest Preserve District of DuPage County

The DuPage Forest Preserve District board of commissioners is pledging to support the Illinois Monarch Project, a public and private sector partnership whose goal is to add 150...

April 23, 2021

Setting the Stage for Restoration

Forest Preserve District of DuPage County

This winter, the Forest Preserve District began restoration of Belleau Woods Forest Preserve in Wheaton with donor funds dedicated by the Friends of the Forest Preserve District.

March 25, 2021

Stressed Out? We've Got Just the Thing

Forest Preserve District of DuPage County

Still recovering from 2020? If you’re like most people, the stress of the pandemic, working from home and e-learning has taken its toll.

January 19, 2021

Mayslake Art Exhibit "Double Vision: Cooperative Art"

Forest Preserve District of DuPage County

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what about art? It too is subject to interpretation, as two artistic groups from Mayslake Peabody Estate prove in their...

December 2, 2020

As the Seasons Change: A Soil Opera

Stephanie Touzalin

Soil. Mud. Dirt. Earth. That stuff on the ground that’s always been there and always looks pretty much the same. Not too much happening down there, right? Wrong.

October 15, 2020

Fall Color Finds

Dave Andrusyk

When the sweaters come out and the kids are back at school, you know it’s time for another sure sign of the season: fall colors. You also know that you need go no farther than...

October 1, 2020

On With the Show

Scott Kobal

Now that fall’s officially here, we’re starting to see the first signs of color in our forest preserves. So it’s only natural that people want to know what to expect in the way of...

September 29, 2020

Celebrate the Mighty Oak in OAKtober

Forest Preserve District of DuPage County

It’s fall and that means trees will soon be showing their colors. Who can resist a stroll on a crisp fall afternoon to gaze at nature’s colorful changes?

August 26, 2020

Keep Away! Hogweed, Hemlock and Parsnip

Dave Andrusyk

Many plants have amazing adaptations that protect them from being eaten or destroyed by other organisms. That’s good for them but can be bad for people who come in contact with...

July 22, 2020

Attracting Swallowtails to Your Garden

Forest Preserve District of DuPage County

Swallowtail butterflies are some of the largest, showiest butterflies found in Illinois. A visit from one in your garden is always a welcome delight.

July 22, 2020

Where the Native Wild Things Are

Forest Preserve District of DuPage County

Somewhere, in a relatively small section of Blackwell Forest Preserve nestled along Mack Road, lies a special place where native plants grow.

June 17, 2020

The Power of Pollinators

Forest Preserve District of DuPage County

“Nature is to be found in her entirety nowhere more than in her smallest creatures.”~ Pliny the Elder

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