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American Woodcock's Wondrous Sky Dance

One of the earliest signs of spring is the American Woodcock’s mating dance. Also known as timberdoodles, American Woodcocks return from southern states in mid-March to establish territories and begin breeding. 
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Winter Seed Sowing

Every year, the Natural Resource Management crew and volunteers collect seed from more than 200 plant species native to DuPage County. The seed is used in various Forest Preserve District restoration areas, such as planting former cropland back to prairie, restoring plant diversity to an oak woodland after removing invasive brush, or enriching wetland habitat for rare wildlife species. 
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Asters: The Stars of Fall

Asters might very well be the forest preserves’ forgotten flowers. People spend summer gazing at coneflowers, black-eyed Susans and other bright bloomers, but when fall arrives they turn their eyes to the leafy canopies and forget that some DuPage County flowers are still hard at work.
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