Photos & Videos

Photos & Videos

View a variety of photos and videos featuring our habitat improvement projects, species-recovery initiatives, educational programs and outdoor recreational activities in DuPage forest preserves.
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Photo Galleries 

Hard Water Classic Highlights

"Wonders of Winter" Celebrates Season's Fun Activities



Snowy Owl Soars to Freedom After Treatment at Willowbrook


Nature Minute: Identifying Common Woody Invasives


Nature Minute: Why Do We Plant Native Seeds in Winter?


Bald Eagle Reunited with Mate After Treatment at Willowbrook


A Snowy Scenic Visit to Churchill Woods


Nature Minute: Why Are Wetlands Important?


A Scenic Visit to Herrick Lake Forest Preserve


Birds Take Wing Again Thanks to Willowbrook Wildlife Center


Behind the Scenes with DuPage Forest Police


A Scenic Visit to West Branch Forest Preserve


DuPage Forest Behind the Scenes: Controlling Invasive Plant Species

A Scenic Visit to Danada Forest Preserve


A Scenic Visit to Herrick Lake Forest Preserve


A Scenic Visit to Maple Grove Forest Preserve


A Scenic Visit to West DuPage Woods


DuPage Forest Preserve Police Conduct Emergency Training Exercise


Nature Minute: All About Mast Years


Nature Minute: How to Identify Different Types of Oak Leaves


Nature Minute: Dog Poop is Harmful to the Environment


Renewable Energy Celebration


Willowbrook Wildlife Center Master Plan Improvements


Nature Minute: Heron Rookeries in DuPage County


Nature Minute: Frogs and Their Role in Healthy Habitats


Nature Minute: North America's Only Marsupial


Nature MInute: How to Make Hummingbird Fuel


Nature Minute: Spring Ephemerals


Nature Minute: Three Species of Ticks You May Encounter


Nature Minute: Milkweed is Not Just for Monarchs


Nature Minute: A Raccoon's Most Important Sense is Touch


Nature Minute: Flying Squirrels are Common in DuPage County


Nature Minute: How to Keep Birds From Flying into your Windows


Nature Minute: Spring is Timberdoodle Time in DuPage County


Nature Minute: American Woodcocks: Masters of Camouflage


Nature Minute: Early Spring is the Time for Tapping Maples


Nature Minute: There's More to Tracking than Footprints


Nature Minute: Helping Great Horned Owlets Get Back Home


Nature Minute: How to Identify Poison Ivy Without Its Leaves


Nature Minute: Why Do Great Horned Owls Nest in Winter?


Nature Minute: Did You Know Coyotes Are Loyal to Love?


Nature Minute: Why We Don't Celebrate Groundhog Day


Nature Minute: How Do Birds Stay Warm in Winter?


Nature Minute: Are There Eagles in DuPage County?


Nature Minute: Where Do Insects Go in Winter?


A Scenic Visit to Herrick Lake


A Scenic Visit to Springbrook Prairie


Setting the Stage for Restoration at Belleau Woods


Spawning Time for Sunfish


All About Pollinators


Danada Welcomes a Foal


Volunteer Appreciation Week 2021


Visiting the Preserves During COVID-19


Social Distancing in DuPage Forest Preserves


Danada Equestrian Center Welcomes New Horses


Prescribed Burn at Timber Ridge Forest Preserve


Prescribed Fire Part 2: How We Burn


Prescribed Fire Part 1: Why We Burn


Northern Goshawk Released from Willowbrook


Short-Eared Owl Release at Springbrook Prairie


Pelican Reunited with Birds of the Same Feather


Oaks —  A Threatened Keystone


Great Horned Owl Returned Home


Spring Brook Restoration Phase 2 Update


Construction Begins on New Clubhouse at The Preserve at Oak Meadows


Bald Eagle Reunited with its Family

Blanding's Hatchlings Raised by Shedd Aquarium Released in DuPage Preserves

Being Coyote Wise: Living With Urban Coyotes

Heroes Save a Life at Blackwell Forest Preserve

Eastern Bluebird Monitoring Program

National Volunteer Week 

Native Plant Nursery Hoop House

Partnership to Save Migrant Birds

Prescribed Burns in DuPage Forest Preserves

The Golf Scene: The Preserve at Oak Meadows 

Spring Brook Restoration at St. James Farm

Volunteering at Fullersburg Woods Forest Preserve

Volunteering at Mayslake Forest Preserve

Volunteering at Springbrook Prairie Forest Preserve

Volunteering at West Chicago Prairie Forest Preserve

West Chicago Prairie Restoration

Willowbrook Wildlife Center Releases a Snowy Owl