Hickory Grove

The 31-acre Hickory Grove Forest Preserve in Lisle is an undeveloped natural area. Formerly part of the Seven Bridge Golf Club, this diverse and variable oak woodland hosts a small ephemeral stream and is rich in the number of plant species that thrive here.


Natural Scene

Hickory Grove is a variable oak woodland with a small ephemeral stream that hosts a rich diversity of native plant and animals, including Cooper’s hawks, great horned owls, red-headed woodpeckers, tufted titmice, wood thrushes and tiger swallowtail butterflies..


Driving Directions

Hickory Grove is tucked in a residential area northwest of Route 53 and Hobson Road. It does not have a parking lot.


In presettlement times, Hickory Grove was wooded. The Woodridge Golf Course ran a fairway through the middle and east side of today's preserve from some time before 1939 until 1988, when the Forest Preserve District purchased the property. 

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