Salt Creek Greenway

The 50-acre Salt Creek Greenway Forest Preserve in Elmhurst — a collection of disjointed parcels along 1.4 miles of Salt Creek — contains marshes, meadows, re-created prairies and wetlands, and a forest. The Elmhurst Park District operates more than 75 percent of the land that makes up Salt Creek Greenway. 


Natural Scene

Belted kingfishers, chimney swifts, northern rough-winged swallows, red-headed woodpeckers, spotted sandpipers and several other types of birds rely on Salt Creek Greenway for habitat as do beavers, coyotes, masked shrews, red foxes and spiny softshell turtles.


Driving Directions

Salt Creek Greenway is east of Route 83 and south of St. Charles Road. It does not have a parking lot.



If you're paddling on Salt Creek, you can exit the water at the landing at Hunter Road, but you cannot put in there. 



The Forest Preserve District purchased most of the preserve in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

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