Night Heron Marsh

Night Heron Marsh Forest Preserve in Aurora is a 137-acre undeveloped site featuring prairie restorations, wetland, upland forest and agricultural fields. 

Natural Scene

True to its name, this forest preserve is home to the state-endangered black-crown night-heron, but it also provides habitat for state-listed American and least bitterns, common gallinules, and osprey as well grassland and marshland birds, northern leopard frogs, beavers, red foxes, least weasels, midland painted turtles and fox snakes.

In summer 2017 the Forest Preserve District began creating and improving 87 acres of habitat at Night Heron Marsh for monarch butterflies and other insect pollinators as part of the collaborative Fox Valley Monarch Corridor Project. Read more about the Night Heron Marsh butterfly and pollinator habitat project.


Driving Directions

The preserve is on the east side of Eola Road just north of Liberty Street. Parking is not available.


In presettlement times, the preserve was made up of wet and dry prairie. After settlement, the land was cultivated and drainage ditches were dug to divert water from the fields. The District acquired the bulk of the preserve in the mid-2000s.

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