Seasonal Amenities Access

Seasonal Amenities Access

DuPage forest preserves are open daily from one hour after sunrise until one hour after sunset, unless otherwise posted. 

The Forest Preserve District closes some forest preserve parking lots, amenities and areas for the winter season, Dec. 1, 2021 ‒ Feb. 28, 2022. All areas are scheduled to reopen on March 1, 2022, weather permitting. These lots, areas and latrines are inaccessible not only for safety reasons but also to accommodate snow and ice removal and trail grooming at our most frequented areas. This seasonal plan also allows us to open off-leash dog areas and winter-activity areas as soon as safely possible to best serve forest preserve visitors.   

Portable latrines are available all winter season at the following locations:

The following parking lots, amenities and areas are unavailable Dec. 1, 2021 ‒ Feb. 28, 2022. (Mild weather conditions may result in extended availability at some areas.)


  • Road system will be closed starting at the Family Campground entrance (East Shelter and Hawthorne Grove) 
  • Beginner and interactive archery ranges
  • Family campground and camp shower building  
  • Silver Lake boat launch area and parking lot
  • Latrines at Hawthorne Grove 
  • Latrines near east shelter


Churchill Woods

  • Crescent parking lot closed; central and shelter lots remain open
  • Shelter latrines 
  • Crescent lot portable latrine

Country Lakes

  • Parking lot will be closed. 


Cricket Creek

  • Model boat parking lot
  • Fullerton Ave. main parking lot remains open


Fullersburg Woods

  • Riverbend trail latrines


Fullerton Park

  • Portable latrine
  • Model helicopter lot closed


Greene Valley

  • Northern area of north parking lot
  • Latrines at Greene Valley North parking lot

Mallard Lake

  • East half of parking lot will be blocked off with snow piles after first snow plowing


McDowell Grove

  • Back lot (southern area of main parking lot) after the first snow-plowing event


Pratt’s Wayne Woods

  • Back parking lots and roads (youth camping accessible via Powis Road)
  • Special-use parking lot east of Powis Road (accessible only to special-use permits or contracts as needed)
  • Model craft airfield after first snowfall, back half blocked with snow piles


Salt Creek Park

  • Northern area of parking lot
  • Latrines

Springbrook Prairie

  • The gravel parking lot on the east side of Naperville-Plainfield Road
  • Off-leash dog area portable toilet 


Spring Creek Reservoir

  • Eastern half of the main parking lot
  • Winter recreational activities (sledding, ice fishing, ice skating, etc.) are prohibited due to fluctuating water levels within the reservoir


St. James Farm

  • Parking lot off Hoy Ave.; use entrance at Winfield Road 


West Branch

  • After first snowfall, north half of main lot will be blocked with snow piles
  • Fair Oaks parking lot


West Chicago Prairie

  • West Chicago Prairie parking lot
  • To access West Chicago Prairie by foot, park at Reed-Keppler Park and walk across the bridge at the Prairie Path; park hours may not be the same as preserve hours
  • Portable latrine


West DuPage Woods

  • West half of parking lot area blocked after first snow-plowing event
  • Park in eastern area of lot


Wood Dale Grove

  • North parking lot area
  • North latrine


York Woods

  • North parking lot
  • Portable latrine
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